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Saturday, August 7, 2010

The L.A. sun mocks!

Ho hum I am sick! It is torture when one has to stay in bed helpless. I had a health scare with heart pulpitations the other day. I went to the hospital and had an EKG done. I guess it concerned the Doctor, so they want to do further tests. But I already know that with the loss of my brother Roy, and the large amount of pressure I have been under in the last few months to keep everything together doesn't help. I don't need a test to prove that. I am very intuned with my body and I know that stress is the cause.

Stress is a real culprit. It doesn't help that the beautiful sun shiny sun in Los Angeles mocks you when you are sick. It's like L.A. is a constant dream. Trapped in the illusion of happiness because the sun is so pretty. Oh well...better get some rest. I have a big week coming up. Go Go Go!


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