"Tah-Daaah . . ."

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Beauty and talent and skills, Oh my!

In the land of popular women singers, the only thing that seems to matter is SEX and more of it. Whether it's Beyonce, Lady GaGa, or Christina Aguilera, the only thing that seems to stand out more than their voices are their bodies. Sorry ladies, I know it's the way-to-gettin'-PAID, but where does that leave the rest of us? I believe this example only encourages our little girls looking up to you to value body over talent and brains. Don't get me wrong,there is nothing wrong with being beautiful, but when the "look" is more featured than the talent, I truly believe we as a society are selling ourselves short.

Enter Janelle Monae. . . Who seems to find the delicate balance between voice and beauty does it with passion, positivity and killer vocal abilities. Should I even say she is "Tipppin the tight rope?"

Below is her innovative music vid. I think James Brown would be a little jealous. This girl makes me glad to be a female artist! This girl's got it!

Thanks again, for showing the world that black women singers don't have to be strippers in order to be appreciated. BRAVO!


xoxo Yvette


  1. She rocks. The kids loved this video when I showed it to them as an example of awesome dancing. Do you have her album on MP3?

  2. Also... she references one of my heroes in the music video. Tell me if you see the reference: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPi9i3gfSAM