"Tah-Daaah . . ."

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Audition or Bust!

I knew that when my alarm clock didn't go off this morning, it was going to be a nutty day. Mercury in retrograde? Well, I couldn't let that stop my stride, being that I had a major television show audition to prepare for. Thank God I woke up early on my own...the first miracle of the day. I had to get on the freeway asap and be very careful with my over-heating- prone- car. It was 9am and I was making good time.

Car working great and lines memorized. "I am gonna rock this!"
 I thought to myself.

As I was drawing closer to the freeway exit, all of a sudden I see smoke rising from the hood as I came to a stop light at the end of the off ramp. "Nooooooo . . . !!!"

 The car went, "Ca-put!" So there I was, right at the tail end of my exit, car smoking...
but not as much as I was!
I didn't miss a beat.

I quickly wrote a note saying. "Calling triple A, please do not tow . . ."I was not about to miss this audition.
I called my manager who calmed me and said that I was just a couple blocks away.

So, I started walkng.

 I was still making good time. Not only did I arrive, but I was 15 minutes early!
Say Wha??? 

 I could not worry about that damn car now!.

 I walk in, sit down and immediately breathe and focus. I was greeted by a sweet girl who I told my car story to. The big boss comes in and gets right down to business. I quietly tell her about my car fiasco and she insists that her assistant take me back to my car to make sure I was okay. So Nice!!!!....

 I auditioned....Luckily, I had to be in a high stakes emotional hostage situation so I thought to myself..."I may as well just go with it!"

I managed to get a smile and a "Good, good" and off I ran with the assistant to get to my sorry car!

When we arrive at the freeway I realize that THE CAR WAS TOWED! Great! So then there was the whole adventure of trying to figure out who towed and where it would be. After numerous detective work, we found the towing storage facility.

 "For ONLY 200 bucks, the broke ass car could be mine again...."Yippieeee!"

Well, I didin't have that money right then and there, so I decided to deal with it the following day.

This whole time, the casting assistant is soooo awesome and cool! He asked where I lived so that he could drop me off at home. I couldn't believe it! I told him my address and he said his best friend was a building manager over in the area so he was familiar with the neighborhood. Cool, so I asked him what the manager's name was and it turns out (Seriously!)

His friend was My building manager after all!!!

Small world.

Moral of the story: Don't give up. Hopefully I get the part, but even if I don't I know that I have what it takes to count on ME! Oh, and also that I hate driving in Los Angeles! Sigh.

xoxo yvette.


  1. Nothing is too far if you want to get there. In this place we have a lot bombarding us in quick successions. So, it makes us feel as though places are further than they are. I live in K-Town. It's only 4 miles to Hollywood. We would be much better off if we all rode Bicycles. No pollution and people would be more fit. We are not forced, we subject.

  2. "Queen" said it right..."I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike . . ."

  3. That's a great beginning of a story if you end up marrying the assistant.